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Power without wires or batteries

Harness the energy of the vibrations all around us to power sensors and other devices



Pyro-E Vibrational Energy Harvesters

Pyro-E’s Auto-Modulating Power Source (AMPS™) is the first vibrational energy harvester (VEH) that can turn vibrations into power over a large and tunable bandwidth of vibration frequencies.


Collecting more than 10 times the vibrational energy than the previous VEH state of the art, the small, lightweight AMPS converts that energy to electricity with ultra-high efficiency, generating more power than any competitive device – a lot more.


The Next Generation of Power

AMPS generates power wherever there are even modest vibrations or fluid flow. The vibrations of machines, vehicles, wind, rivers and waves are just a few of the energy sources AMPS can harvest to produce and store power.


Each AMPS can generate 200 mW of power – more than enough to drive multiple sensors and data communications – in a small and light package. Link AMPS units together and you can produce power in the kilowatt range and beyond, to power lights, machines or even homes.

The Ideal Battery Replacement

Batteries are the most expensive form of energy you can buy. The cost is high for the power you get, and the labor cost of replacing them when they run out even higher. Then there’s the environmental cost – making batteries is a dirty business.


Cheaper, greener and longer-lasting, AMPS is the ideal replacement for batteries anywhere there’s vibrational energy.

Better Power, Better Data, Better Outcomes

AMPS ability to power wireless sensors at a low lifetime cost frees engineers and builders from the constraints that have limited the optimal instrumentation of our machines, vehicles and infrastructure.

​Moving from scheduled maintenance to just-in-time continuous maintenance creates huge cost savings, smoother operations and better end-customer experiences.

There are many advantages to having more sensor data, including:

  • Ability to move to condition-based maintenance

  • Increased visibility into asset health

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Tighter forecasting of labor and parts needs

  • Less unplanned downtime

  • Smaller carbon footprint 

From Vision to Design in 60 Days

Pyro-E Design Process

AMPS devices are highly customizable to optimize power generation for a wide variety of use cases. We can deliver your AMPS solution as a standalone device or work with your team to develop a complete integrated and certified solution incorporating your sensors or other devices into the desired form factor.


In most cases, we can deliver a working product for your evaluation within 60 days of receiving your initial vibrational energy waveforms.


For more information on how to use AMPS in your product or project, email us at or call
+1 510.578.8849.

Pyro-E is Trusted By...


About Pyro-E

Pyro-E designs and deploys solid-state technologies for energy harvesting applications. The company’s AMPS™ (Auto-Modulating Power Supply) products give engineers and builders the ability to power sensors and other devices for ten or more years without wires or batteries, by harnessing the natural and manmade vibrations all around us. By providing businesses, government and researchers the ability to collect more data using reclaimed energy, Pyro-E is helping build a better understanding of our world.


Founded in 2012 by CEO Kevin Lu, PhD, Pyro-E has brought together experts in materials science, fluid dynamics, power electronics and mechanical engineering to develop its patented technologies.


Contact Us

Pyro-E, Inc.

9248 1/2 Hall Rd, Downey, CA 90241 USA


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